The abioSCOPE®

The revolutionary biomedical IVD device


committed to health.

Unparalleled nanofluidic immunoassay

Based on a groundbreaking nanofluidic technology, the abioSCOPE is disrupting current blood-testing practices.

Point of care Lab quality results are delivered in just few minutes compared to hours or days, from a single drop of blood.

Some of the qualities
First result within 5 minutes

The abioSCOPE is the fastest screening device in the world

Intuitive and easy to use

Abionic's technology is accessible and the test is painless for the patient

Universal platform

The abioSCOPE is compatible with a wide range of applications

Patented Technology

The abioSCOPE process is based on a nanofluidic technology

Clinically validated

All Abionic products and tests are clinically proven

One drop of blood

All our tests are run with just a few µL of whole blood sample

The abioSCOPE is a universal platform and its applications are endless.

Sepsis detection

For Sepsis triage in the Emergency Room and at the bedside of the patient in the ICU.

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Allergies diagnostics

The first 5-minute quantitative Asthma and Allergy test at the point of care.

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