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The world’s fastest diagnostic platform

Abionic products, such as the abioSCOPE (the reader), the tests containing nanofluidic sensors and the abioGUIDE (the application for smartphones and tablets) have been developed and assembled within the company in Switzerland.

Diagnostics tests:

  • Respiratory allergies

  • Screening of iron deficiency

  • The fastest Sepsis test in the world

  • Many More Coming Soon !

committed to health.

The abioSCOPE® Screening is a revolutionary biomedical screening platform, allowing to test patients from a single drop of blood, in record time. Abionic brings nanotechnology directly to healthcare professionals for everybody’s wellbeing.


Based on a disruptive nanotechnology, Abionic is revolutionizing the world of in vitro diagnostics with rapid universal point-of-care solutions.


Abionic is committed to revolutionize the world of in vitro diagnostics with rapid universal point-of-care solutions.
Abionic develops and produces rapid blood tests that are game changing in each of their respective markets. There is a significant need for a rapid and accurate test that will enable treatment faster. Furthermore the solution allows access to lab quality blood analysis where there is no or no sufficient infrastructure in place.
Healthcare professionals and patients can benefit from Abionic’s unique solution to aid in the diagnosis and screening of divers conditions with an immediate quantitative result.


Founded in 2010, Abionic developed its nanotechnology within the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
Already in 2012, Abionic obtained the ISO 13485 quality certification for research and development, production and marketing of products for the in-vitro diagnostics market and has successfully maintained its system since then. The company is benchmark in winning prices, 4 times best med-tech startup and many others. Abionic is now a scale up that has proven the functionality and value of its technology in the market and will grow not only its production capacities and test portfolio but also its international footprint.

Innovative and Entrepreneurial
Management Team

Nicolas Durand
Nicolas DurandCEO
Officer EPFL, 2010, PhD
Nicolas holds a PhD in nanotechnology from EPFL and was involved in the development of resonating biosensors at Carnegie Mellon University (USA). He is the winner of the 2006 Omega Award as well as more than 20 entrepreneurial awards including the 2010 Young Entrepreneur Award. Nicolas owns a private pilot license and was astronaut candidate for the European Space Agency.
Iwan Märki
Iwan MärkiCTO
EPFL, 2006, PhD
Iwan is an expert in optical technologies. For over three years, he directed research into single molecule spectroscopy and imaging at the Laboratory of Biomedical Optics, EPFL. With a Master’s degree in microengineering (EPFL) and a PhD in nano-optical devices (IMT, Neuchâtel), he has the key competences to lead Abionic’s technological development as well as production management.
Boris Iseli
Boris IseliCFO
Uni Geneva, 2011, MBA
Boris has more than 10 years of experience in finance and accounting in multinational companies. He started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland, and later joined Procter and Gamble. He got hired in 2011 by Vale International as Senior Financial Controller and then joined Abionic in 2014. Boris holds an MBA in International Management from the University of Geneva.
Fabien Rebeaud
Fabien RebeaudCSO
UNIL, 2010, PhD
Fabien studied biology at the University of Lausanne before carrying out his PhD work that focused on molecular mechanisms of MALT1 function. After obtaining his PhD in 2009, Fabien joined Cytos Biotechnology as Group Leader in preclinical drug development and from 2012 the HES-SO as Research Scientist in the diagnostic unit.
Susanne Emonet
Susanne EmonetVP Sales & Marketing
Friedrich-Alexander University, 2005, MBA
Susanne is an experienced executive with strong entrepreneurial competency and leadership skills. She successfully implemented changes and run innovation initiatives at Bosch. Susanne is also totaling over 10 years of experience in business development, marketing, post-merger integration, corporate strategy and business model innovation.
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